Mission Statements

For ANS the number one priority is safety. Through the utilisation of industry leading technologies and innovation, current safety levels will be maintained and where possible improved, whilst meeting the challenges and demands of customers, regulation and interested parties.

ANS recognises that at the core of ensuring safety and our business, are the people. We’re committed to creating and maintaining a proactive Safety Culture environment; an environment where suggestions and open reporting are encouraged and where lessons can be learned allowing shortcomings in processes to be rectified and support offered where necessary. Fundamental to our Safety Culture is a transparent Just Culture, where individuals clearly understand the expectations upon their professional and personal behaviours.

Open and honest communication will be crucial in developing relationships and understanding the requirements of all interested parties. Controlling change will always be a priority to ensure that the safety of the operation is never compromised. All changes will be carefully managed and only after a rigorous risk analysis process is applied will they be introduced. Any new systems will be fully evaluated for suitability, operational benefit, regulatory compliance and training requirements to determine any safety implications prior to timescales being assessed to minimise operational impact.

Our Quality Management System, which is integral to all that we do, helps us to ensure that safety is maintained. Moving forward, our goal for next year will be to work towards ISO certification.

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