ANS Principles

Our business model is highly focused on our vision to provide innovation, flexibility and efficiency all whilst maintaining the upmost safety standards. Our procurement processes focus on efficiency and costs to ensure we maintain our lean company structure provided a tailored and focused quality service to our customers, whilst maintaining the flexibility to adapt and add additional services later should they be required.

This means that we provide what airports need offering a high-quality service at a competitive price all whilst ensuring the operation continues to exceed safety standards. Flat organisational structures and hierarchies are essential to be more efficient and reactive than our competitors. 

At Gatwick and Edinburgh Airport, we aim to raise the overall performance standard by a comprehensive approach in partnership with the airport(s), airlines, NATS and the CAA. 

Our approach is to have a cohesive and transparent working relationship with our customers, which is committed to delivering the service performance, required by RP2 target setting and the customer. 

Our highly motivated and trained employees are constantly working to ensure the safe and expeditious movement of aircraft, and ensuring that the required KPIs are met for their area of responsibility. A team of dedicated and skilled professional experts will make sure that we can deliver the projected benefits. In addition, we are supported by the contractual framework of the DFS Group, The National German ANSP with more than 5000 employees, which provide financial backing and resources when required.

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